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Linking ESG 

for people and planet

Addressing climate risks and the socio-ecological impacts 

An understanding of the social, economic, governance and political (ESG) issues arising from ecological changes and variability such as


  • climate change

  • biodiversity loss

  • biogeochemical flows changes

  • land-system change

  • ocean acidification

is key to building corporate regenerative and sustainable values. 

Hi, I'm Catherine Chong

I help companies and investors to understand, integrate and adapt to corporate sustainable and regenerative values.

ESG, Sustainability & Regenerative Advisor


18 Years of Sustainability, Impact Investing and Tech Professional Experience in Asia, North America, and UK. 

A strategist and an analyst by nature, I work with companies to identify, link and then disentangle economic, ecological, social, and governance (ESG) risks and impacts into corporate decisions.

My expertise includes translating complex socio-ecological systems thinking and component 'feedback' into corporate decisions. 

My professional experience extends from corporate consulting for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) groups, private equity and sovereign wealth funds, to impact fund structuring and management.

The projects in my portfolio include national green accounting, rainforests and wildlife conservation, sustainable crops certification, ethical lending and investing, payment-for-ecosystem services schemes like carbon cap-and-trade, and sustainable product strategy in food, fashion, and other consumer goods.

Conferences & Webinars

Aspen Institute UK. (2023) ‘Critical Conversations 4: The Future of Food Systems’ Groundswell. (2023) ‘Is it time to certify regenerative agriculture’ IEMA. (2023) ‘Environmental Disclosure and Sustainable Food Production - Friends or Foe?’

Interview & Press

Farmers Guardian. (2022) ‘Retailer eco-label has potential to 'mislead' shoppers” Food Navigator. (2022) ‘Poor data is hindering eco-label plans, group warns” Country and Townhouse. (2022) July/August Issue. ‘We need Regeneration’

Books & Reports

UK Parliamentary POST Briefing. (2023) ‘Environmental Impacts of and Risks for the Food Production System’ Footprint Intelligence. (2023). ‘A transparent future for food service: How environmental data is greening supply chains and empowering the public’ Natural Environment Research Council and the British Science Association. (2023) ‘Roundtable: What is the role of eco-labels in driving clean growth?’

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